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We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping packages customized to fit the needs of each business. Packages include categorizing business expenses, reconcile bank statements, and delivery of financial statements through QuickBooks Online.

Tax Planning

Tax planning will be catered to meet the needs of each taxpayer. During our annual tax projection, a simulated tax return is used to project the coming years tax liability. This is very useful in determining estimated tax payments, adjustments needed in wage withholdings, and discover any taxpayer's savings opportunities.

Businesses will benefit by analyzing the effects of various business scenarios like contributing to retirement accounts, bringing on employees, buying equipment or vehicles, and various other moves essential for business operations. During tax planning a reasonable compensation analysis can be performed to ensure that you're paying a reasonably low wage saving money in taxes!

Tax Planning is a crucial part of our consultative process. As such, we offer tax planning each Summer & Fall along with your filed tax return.

A Tax Expert

We prepare tax returns accurately and in accordance with IRS tax code and have handled many scenarios with different levels of complexity, so you can be sure your tax needs are handled proficiently.

Tax Consultation

We advise and guide clients on tax related matters, use our knowledge of tax law and accounting to help clients comply with tax regulations and take benefits from adjustments, deductions, and credits. We recommend strategies to help clients reduce or eliminate tax liabilities

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